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Color Switch 3

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colorswitch3Color Switch 3 is the most up-to-date version of the popular game for mobile phones,tablets and even home pcs. If you have never played the previous versions of the game, I will give you several advice how to succeed in it and how to play. In Color Switch 3 you play as a small ball which bounce all the time and change color. On your way, you will notice different shapes with different colors. Those shapes, most often circles and triangles, have several sectors with different colors. Your ball can only pass the shape if the color match. For example, red ball can pass only red sectors. The shapes are rotating all the time, and this makes the task a bit difficult. In fact, Color Switch 3 is very similar to the flappy bird game. Here you should also tap your finger to make the ball jump and move forward. Remember, that at our website we have the demo version of Color Switch 3. The full version is available only for mobile devices at Google Play. Hope you will spend some great time with Color Switch 3 at our website.